Public Place 2015

Creatures living in groups seem to show different behaviors in comparison to other organisms. In the mammalian class, dolphins tend to have a social life like humans, and more than other groups in this class have socialist behaviors.
High intelligence and the strong senses of the dolphins affect their social interactions and lead to behaviors that imply existence of a sense of “culture” among them.
It is anticipated that, in the context of human and living creatures communities, groups, along with enjoyment of features such as cooperation, altruism and peace, they sometimes experience grief, deprivation and failure.
In recent years, the “desire to die” or “suicide” among the dolphins community has become a challenging issue. Failure to prove any of the environmental speculations of the researchers regarding the suicide of dolphins reinforces a hypothesis of a kind of possible frustration and failure among them.
Public place photo collection inspired by the behavior of social groups and for the purpose of the pathology of common patterns of behavior among people in Iranian society and dolphins, seeks to answer this question: Are human communities, like the dolphins community, facing the damages and crises of social life?

Jointly by Behnam Zakeri and Morteza Niknahad