PMS 2018

We are exposed to a significant volume of messages on a daily basis which are transmitted to us by various signs. Wearing black is a sign of mourning and a picture of “The Winged Victory of Samothraceā€¯ recalls the sculpture itself. Smoke informs about flames lit somewhere around us. Tension, dysphoria and irritation in women can also display symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS.
The present photo collection with the same name (PMS) seeks to describe the situations in which women carry “signs” whose referents can be identified with the help of the same signs and in the absence of any cultural and social contracts and determinations.
It seems that employing “icons” is one of the few ways to connect with an “idea.” Women and other components of the photo collection are symbolic signs which the audience conducts a search through to discover internal relations that they have previously found in themselves.
It is not only the formal similarity of the signs to their external referents, but also their interpretation property which paves the way for the reception of the meaning.