Dense Scope 2017

The forthcoming photo collection includes my personal inspirations and implications as a soldier. The point of life I have to survive so that I can escape from a great deal of restrictions.
Military service in Iran is one of the thousands of concerns that young men encounter. Without completing this course, they can not benefit from services such as job application, medical insurance, passport and driver’s license, so they have to spend two years of their life attending this course.
A situation that unlike their own desire they have to deal with which itself is the source of the eccentric and unusual events that lead in physical and mental state decline. During the two years, soldiers are inevitably in a state of affairs that affect the future life of all of their circles.
In order to justify the difficulties arising from this situation, not only scientific and psychological approaches are not adopted, but military service is considered to be “consecrated ” by relying on a defective point of view .
The “dense scope ” is the result of my living experience in the structure of a system. To rebuild what I have been through I am present in the photos so that I can evacuate my dense mind and reduce the emotional turmoil.