Dense Scope 2017

The upcoming series encompasses my personal inspirations and implications of attending in military service, a period of life that I have to survive so that I can escape from a great deal of restrictions.
Military service in Iran is one of the biggest concerns of the youth, they can not benefit from services such as job applying, having insurance, grabbing passport, receiving driving licenses and etc., without having to go through this period, so they have to spend two years of their life in military service. A situation that is contrary to their desire and causes other erratic and unusual events, the decline of the physical and mental status is one of the most common events. Soldiers will take on a situation in two years that will affects future life of other people around them. The scientific, professional, and psychological approach replaces with a “consecrated” attitude in order to be able to provide a platform to justify the problems created.
Dense Scope is the result of a living and an objective experience in the structure of a system, my presence in the photographs aims to unload the events that bound and condense my mind and to reduce the turmoil resulting from them.